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LinkedIn, Stand Out: How to Create a Winning Professional Profile

As technology advances in this generation, people ask the question, what is one “good” way to promote myself? Unlike the old days, you definitely would not find a job through a newspaper, nor would you physically line up outside the company to turn in your resume. Thus, in today’s world, what strategies do people utilize to promote themselves? Let’s find out!

On November 8th, 2017, Rob Humphrey, an Enterprise Account Executive for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, came to North Carolina State University to speak to students about how to expertly navigate a LinkedIn page. He is a successful global sales top performer that is well known for his talks and presentations. He has had experience as a Senior Manager of Content Marketing, having been involved in many things such as pioneering video, live events, and LinkedIn Talent Solutions. On the night of the NCSU workshop, he presented to 478 students about the ins and outs of LinkedIn. It was a great turn out with overwhelmingly positive feedback!

From his experience, he has organized seven rules:

1. Profile (profile & cover picture): The most important factor when it comes to LinkedIn is to have a professional photo of yourself displayed on your page. It is much easier for company recruiters to find you through LinkedIn if they can match a face to a name. For example, there may be more than one person with the same name and major as you that goes to North Carolina State University. Who knows? That recruiter might mistakenly contact the other “you.” Inserting a profile picture is the first step everyone should take when creating a LinkedIn page.

2. Headline: You can go above and beyond for this criterion. Find a line from a poem, song lyrics that you love to sing along to, or write something fun fact about yourself for this section. Have fun with your own page, be creative, and show the recruiters the unique individual that you are!

3. Summary: Just like a cover letter, the summary is pretty much a condensed explanation that tells people about who you are and what you are looking forward to in your career path and personal life. For example, if you are a junior looking for an internship, go ahead and write, “I am an innovative junior at North Carolina State University who is currently seeking an internship…” and go on from there. You would be surprised how many employers look out for students’ self-summaries!

4. Education: Write North Carolina State University under “title of school” and that you REPRESENT one of the Wolfpack! This will be the section where you get to show the recruiters what your major is and what kind of interests you have.

5. Skills: Now, the fun part has arrived. This is the part where you will add whichever skills you possess that will help you to secure a job. Add the specific skills that you want to highlight for potential employers. For example, if you are looking for a job relating to graphic design, learn some skills in digital marketing, photography, social media, and Adobe Creative Suites, among others. Try to showcase as many specific skills as possible. Normally, the employers will filter their searches by the skills required for the jobs for which they are seeking applicants. Therefore, you should add and obtain the skills that will get you hired!

6. Publishing: It is important to post weekly status updates. Just like on Facebook, you can write or post useful things such as how to create a resume, courses you took, or you could even use hashtags like #dreambig or #havefun. Play around with your LinkedIn!

7. Networking: “Build your empire” is the mantra Humphrey stressed during the workshop. Reach out to your friends, professors, or past employers. Connect, socialize, and network with them on this integrated platform.

There are so many avenues by which you can market yourself these days. LinkedIn is by far the most accredited professional social network in this generation that is geared toward recruitment. Since 2003, LinkedIn has increased from 500,000 users to 500 million users. Also, from early 2011 to today, the growth team has grown to include more than 110 people. That is massive growth within a short period of time! As technology advances, it is clear that we rely heavily on social networking.

Don’t fall behind on learning the tactics that are crucial to job procurement in today’s worlds. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn, creating one is your first step towards taking your career to the next level. Explore your life and express your skills to the world so that one day, you will be able to live the life you worked so hard to build.

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