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NC State AMA's


Group Opportunities to Achieve, Learn, & Succeed Program!

  • Build Community

  • Network With Peers

  • Define Your Goals

  • Receive Advice 

  • Collaborate 

  • Share Resources

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NC State AMA’s GOALS program aims to create a community within AMA where ambitious students can connect and network. As well as offer tools to help students set and achieve their goals.

 Similar to the model of orientation groups, each student in AMA will have the opportunity to join a small group of peers (7-8 people) led by one executive board member in monthly meetings.


The meetings will offer our members a community and smaller network within AMA. This will also allow members to ask questions to fellow ambitious students. The outcome of these meetings will be to help members define their goals while offering them advice, resources, and encouragement.  Are you ready to achieve more this semester? 

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