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  • How much does AMA cost and how can I pay?
    Our membership dues are $45 per year. You can make a payment with a credit card via Paypal​, with Venmo by submitting your payment to @ncsuama with the description "Membership Dues", or you can pay with a check made out to "NC State AMA". For more details, visit the Join AMA page.
  • What does my membership include?
    With your membership, you have the opportunity to attend all of our biweekly meetings for the year (food provided) where we have speakers from our sponsors and other large companies. You also gain entrance to all of our networking and professional events, career fairs, and company campus visits at no additional cost. Active members are also given the opportunity to receive a t-shirt, a chord for graduation, and even a chance to attend the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans at the end of the year!
  • Are meetings mandatory?
    ​Nope! Your level of involvement is completely up to you, and we don't penalize members if they're unable to make it to one of our meetings. We do however, try to reward our most active and involved members!
  • What can I do to get more involved?
    There are a lot of ways to get more involved with NC State AMA! We have networking sessions, private career fairs, and company campus visits available for all of our ​members to attend. If you want to get even more involved, we hire directors every semester to help do things like coordinate events, and we recruit for our marketing agency at the beginning of each semester as well!
  • How can I go to New Orleans?
    At the end of each school year, our Executive Board (and a few of our most involved members) get to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana for the AMA International Collegiate Conference. Applicants who have served as directors or have received a lot of points due to their involvement are strongly considered. If you'd like to go to this year's conference, make sure you're getting involved! If you have any questions, ask someone on the Executive Board!
  • What is Creative Marketing Solutions?
    Creative Marketing Solutions is NC State AMA's student-led marketing agency. Participation in the CMS Agency exposes students to real-world marketing projects consisting of content creation, market research/analysis, branding and design. Collaboration with other student consultants, account managers, and clients give CMS participants an idea of what ad agency work would be like as they pursue careers in the marketing industry. Interested in getting involved? Check out the Creative Marketing Solutions page!
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