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Hear from our former members and leaders about how their AMA experience impacted their growth as professionals and individuals!

Sydni Collins | Former President

"AMA 100% helped me get this job. The president of the company is on the board of the Triangle AMA so we were instantly able to connect through the mutual experience of being an AMA member. Aside from this connection, AMA taught me how to handle myself professionally when it came to interviewing and following up. This organization also taught me the importance of networking and relationships, even after landing a job."

Sydni Collins, Integrated Media Specialist at Capstrat

Haley Halteman | Former VP of Fundraising

"I was told being in AMA would look good on my resume, but I had no clue just how much of an impact it would have. I attribute a lot of my success in landing both internships and my post-grad job to this organization. The two biggest pieces of advice I have are to attend the networking events and get involved. After all the Meet the Pros and other events over the years, I became so comfortable talking with companies that I no longer felt nervous about interviews. I was able to feel relaxed and confident, which allowed me to make genuine connections. Hiring professionals want to feel like they can have a real conversation with you, but without practice, nerves tend to make that impossible. I also can't stress enough the importance of being involved. Every interviewer I spoke with commented on how impressed they were I took a leadership role, and wanted to know more about my time with AMA. Even with it being at the bottom of my resume under extracurricular activities, those were lines that always got noticed. I now live in Philadelphia and work for Lilly Pulitzer at their headquarters. While AMA didn't provide a direct connection, it gave me the knowledge and tools to get the job I wanted." 

Haley Halteman, Lilly Pulitzer Headquarters

Bria Soto | Former Director of Fundraising
Cody Snyder | AMA Member of the Year

"Up until the semester of Fall 2016, my Senior year, I felt that I had been in some way shape or form a part of every club there was. I had been on club sports teams, clubs to help with my resume, clubs where I was in leadership positions and many more. However, with all of this experience I can honestly say that NCSU AMA was the most professionally run organization I have been with during my time at NC State. There is a constant effort to be better, more professional than others, and really give the best value to its members. With a combination of the fantastic executive board, administrative staff and the awesome AMA members there is not other club I would have rather been a part of then AMA. 


Not only are the members great, but the leadership and professional development opportunities are endless! There are so many different executive board slots for basically every type of field from fundraising, event planning, social media, community service and more! AMA constantly tries to develop its members into tomorrow's marketing leaders and this can be seen in each and every event that AMA organizes."

Cody Snyder, 2015-16 AMA Member of the Year

Katie White | Former VP of Communication and Administration

"So my advice to members about AMA is simple: involvement. There's a very high chance that AMA will get you a job or multiple jobs in the future but if you aren't an active member then you're really missing out on a great opportunity. I could tell you about how much AMA has helped me professionally but, more importantly, AMA has provided me a wonderful network of friends which I wouldn't have if I hadn't of gotten involved.

Katie White, Chapter Finance Coordinator for Kappa Delta

I dedicate landing my first job 100% to being a part of the American Marketing Association. When I first joined the organization my sophomore year I knew that I would eventually be a part of the executive board. Through my position as VP of Fundraising, I learned how to network with companies, pitch ideas, and ultimately "sell" our capabilities. Being able to talk about my efforts with the organization over the past 2 years, have impressed all of my interviewers and lead to me landing two AMAzing positions. What you put into AMA is what you will get out of it. I encourage all those who decide to join this club to either join a committee or if you are able to, apply for an executive role. You won't regret it. 

Bria Soto, Sales Coordinator at GSK

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