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Take the Fog Out of Blog

What’s the deal with blogging? It seems everyone has a blog about something and there seems to be no end to what a blog can be about; there’s even blogs about blogging. As it turns out, there are immense benefits to blogging both from a personal-perspective and from a business-perspective.

A number of bloggers from all different niches have testified to the personal benefits of keeping a blog. It improves your writing, thinking and interpersonal skills. It helps you organize your thoughts into something cohesive and allows you to reflect. It also helps you lead a more intentional life as there is an extra purpose to everything you do and it helps you focus on what is meaningful. Blogging can even help you to become more disciplined in your everyday life. It also serves as a resume supplement, as potential employers can truly get a feel for who you are from your blog. You are given the opportunity to connect with so many people from different walks of life and through this you can potentially network with people and make new friends. It helps you become more comfortable relating your ideas and stories to others and helps you become more confident in yourself and your perspectives. Not to mention, you also have the chance to make some money off your blogs, with some of the decently popular bloggers making in the 20k range.

From a business perspective, blogging can help amp up sales and improve your company’s resonance. For starters, it helps drive traffic to your website as you will have more pages with more keywords to help search engines direct people to your website. There is also a chance of blog posts being shared on social media, which will open doors to even more website hits. It also helps your company establish or maintain authority. By writing posts about things that are relevant and helpful to your customers, you are showing not only your knowledge and expertise in that area, but are also demonstrating your customer service and how helpful you can be if your customer needs something. Also, if searchers, who are not yet customers, read your content, they will automatically think of you as an authority in the subject and develop a trust for your company. Lastly, blogging has lasting results. Your blog post may not be a hit on day one, but over time it will increase in popularity and a couple months down the road it could potentially go viral.

As I am not super experienced in the area of blogging, I had to reference other websites, which I have included here if you would like to further explore the why of blogging.

Personal benefits:



Business benefits:


If you have suddenly become inspired to start your own blog, here is a ~blog~ that will teach you how!


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