Check below for our currently available positions you can apply for!

VP of Community Relations 


  • Plan and organize 2 community service events each semester 

    • Can be custom events or a partnership with local organizations

    • Previous events include Krispy Kreme Challenge, Service Raleigh, etc.

  • Speak at member meetings to promote volunteerism and encourage members to actively participate and be involved

  • Partner with AMA Triangle and Sponsors to develop an upperclassman mentorship program

    • Work with AMA Executive Board and President to create a schedule for the mentorship program that provides structure early in the semester and then encourages genuine relationship building

  • Develop and successfully execute AMA’s internal mentorship program for underclassmen

  • Research events on campus and in Poole that AMA can get involved in

    • Book AMA into events and increase brand awareness for our chapter

  • Perform at least 2 speaking engagements with outside clubs and organizations each semester to promote AMA

    • Standardized presentation on AMA’s value proposition and offerings

    • Meet with leaders of organizations to build a culture of collaboration

  • Manage the Director(s) of Community Relations to help achieve chapter goals


VP of Advertising & Promotions


  • Control and design content for all of the AMA chapter’s social media platforms

    • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Create kickass promotional materials for member meetings and main events

    • Primarily includes flyers, brochures, etc.

  • Update the AMA bulletin board in Nelson Hall with current information on the next member meeting or event

    • Include date, time, location/room number, etc.

  • Oversee design and branding standards for Directors working with other VPs who are responsible for creating promotional material

  • Collaborate with fellow AMA Executive Board members

    • Send a preview of social media posts and promotional material to the President for spell checking and editing

    • Regularly talk with VP of Member Coordination and VP of Web Content to ensure all communications are in sync and on-brand

  • Manage the Director of Advertising & Promotion to achieve chapter goals


VP of Finance


  • Create an annual budget for the AMA chapter at the beginning of the year

    • Work with the AMA Executive Board and President to accomplish this

  • Keep monthly balances

    • Track all revenues and expenses from the Wells Fargo account in Excel

    • Update the President and Faculty Advisor by sending a PDF of the budget at the end of every month

  • Applying for appropriations with both Student Government and Poole Council

    • 2 different deadlines in Fall and Spring

    • Email with specific instructions will be sent for both 

    • Keep all receipts 

  • Order food for member meetings 

    • Place order several hours before member meeting so it is ready to be picked up around 5:40 PM

  • Hold on and monitor AMA credit card

    • Faculty Advisor will take you to the bank to set up a debit card in your name

    • All purchases MUST be made for AMA only

    • Check Wells Fargo Bank Account regularly

    • You may lend the card to other Exec Board members but ultimately you are responsible for it

  • Assist other members of the Exec Board with various projects