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NC State AMA’s 2021 Regional Conference!

NC State AMA hosted its third annual regional conference on February 19th. The event was different from its previous years as it was hosted virtually. Students were given opportunities to hear from a variety of guest speakers, network with peers, and earn cash prizes from various marketing competitions.

Seven different universities attended the conference including NC State, University of Buffalo, UW Whitewater, Missouri State, Carnegie Mellon, Florida State, and University of Northwestern Ohio. Each school’s chapter heard from representatives from Google, 9miles Media, SAS, and the Charlotte Hornets.

Recent graduate from NC State and Chief Operations Officer at 9miles Media, Thomas Armstrong, presented his take on making connections with those in the professional world who may feel out of reach. Armstrong spoke about a program he initiated, Dream Connections: Share Your Why, in which members make commitments to one another toward chasing their ambitions while reaching out to high level mentors. He encouraged students to set big goals and surround themselves with communities that hold them accountable to make their goals happen.

“I’m passionate about helping people reach their goals, potentials, and best versions of themselves,” said Armstrong.

Vice President of Membership, Adam Goers said, “Our speakers did a fantastic job of connecting to students and giving tangible advice that is applicable to our future careers.”

Throughout the conference, members were encouraged to interact with speakers and one another through the stage chat. They were also given the opportunity to speak with each other during the networking event, which allowed students to participate in one-on-one video calls with other conference attendees. Students were given short increments of time to introduce themselves and connect before proceeding to the next call.

“My favorite part of networking was connecting with AMA members from other states such as Wisconsin and Ohio. It was great listening to their stories and hearing why they chose to attend our conference,” said Goers.

To conclude the conference, the award ceremony was presented by CJ Falchi, President of NC State AMA. Students competed in both the Digital Marketing Strategy and Federated Perfect Pitch competitions. Our chapter’s very own, Simon Nagel, received first place and a $500 cash prize for the Federated Perfect Pitch competition!

“I learned that many attendees left the conference feeling motivated and inspired,” says Goers. We hope students enjoyed hearing from professionals and connecting with one another. We look forward to next year’s conference!


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