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Fall 2021 CMS Recap

Creative Marketing Solutions is AMA’s student run marketing agency that provides consulting services to clients in need of market research, website design, social media campaigns, SEO analysis, and overall branding.

Why join CMS?

CMS exposes students to real world marketing projects providing hands-on consulting experience through partnerships with local companies. Students gain transferable and industry specific skills, networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs and team collaboration experiences outside of the classroom.


CMS Final Presentations

Three teams participated in the fall 2021 CMS projects. Each team spent time with their client’s discussing the goals and visions for their marketing campaigns. After establishing clear objectives, teammates collab

orated with one another to develop marketing strategies specific to the product and business. This included everything from managing social media accounts to analyzing data and proposing solutions to increase engagement and brand awareness. The fall semester's CMS clients included Thrive!meetings, PCOM, and The Brickyard Wine. Here’s how each team used their marketing skills and knowledge to serve their clients.

Thrive! Meetings

Thrive meetings’ event planning service specializes in catering to dietary restrictions and ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone. Kalli Licata, Caroline Cashwell, David Neil, Trevor Bode, Elle Giesles, Kirsten Brasington, Lilly Fowler, and Johnny Nguyen took on this client. The team managed their social media accounts including Facebook, Facebook group and Youtube. This required them to create content and actively post pre-made content under a posting schedule. The team also supported the company’s podcast and blog.

Maggie Horshok, Colin Adams, Federica Lenti, Jacopo Lombatti, Anika Bhadiriraju, and Fatima Achnine worked alongside Poole College where they implemented their data analysis skills. In an effort to maximize both donations and donor engagement, the team chose to analyze Day of Giving and other NCSU philanthropic campaigns searching for trends. Their marketing strategy included utilizing A/B email testing, improving subject lines and brainstorming creative solutions with the sole purpose of measuring an increase in engagement.

The Brickyard Wine

The Brickyard wine line was released by NCSU in mid-October to select retailers. The wolfpack wine team included Shruti Tiwari, Greyson Cahill, Mitchell Knapke, Charlotte Seurin, Adarsh Arun, and Gracie Diamond. This group collaborated with the vineyard’s brand manager and lead graphic designer to create and distribute content on social media as well as paid ads for the line’s launch. This project also led to a 2021 holiday season marketing campaign based on the success of the Fall 2021 campaign.

Congratulations to all the team members on their successful campaigns and final presentations.

Interested in joining CMS? For more information visit or email


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