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Connection is Key: AMA’s 6th Annual Regional Conference

Clear your calendar for February 24th! Why? It’s the date of AMA’s sixth annual Regional Conference!

This year’s theme: Connected

What does the theme Connected mean? The rapid advancement of technology has impacted every aspect of life, and business isn’t exempt. From graphic design, communications, to data analysis, technology is everywhere. It is essential to familiarize ourselves with the ongoing integration of technology in the field, and there is no better place to start than the Regional Conference.

AMA’s Regional Conference is more than just an event for marketing students. With distinguished speakers, a private career fair, and competitions to participate in, there is something for everyone at the conference. Not to mention the included lunch, and $3000 in prize money!

Who’s going to be there? (Other than you ;))

One of the main highlights of the conference include the distinguished speakers featured. There is truly much insight and information to be gained from each and every speaker.

Want to learn more about the marriage between data and creativity to focus on the customer? Kamal Bhandal, VP of Brand and Consumer Marketing at Invisalign, has worked extensively in this area with both B2B and B2C markets.

If you are interested in the more technical integration of software and business, Sherard Griffin, Sr. Director of AI Services, at Redhat has a passion for helping others build connections in the field and will be sharing insights from his career at the conference.

A graduate of NC State, Ged King, has grown businesses such as Swing-N-Slide, into a multimillion dollar company. Currently he serves as the CEO of Sales Factory, and is an active member of the community. He has established Sales Factory as the largest nationwide participant in CreateAthon, an annual 24-hour event that provides pro-bono marketing services to nonprofits. As well as connecting with students at Wake Forest University School of Business, where he

serves as an adjunct professor of marketing. 

An embodiment of the Connected theme, Tieran Thorley works in the ecommerce space, as a Paid Media Strategist at ROI Revolution. He works closely with paid search, paid social, and marketing channels with total monthly ad spend at approximately $1,000,000.

Competitions! With prize money!!?

The three competitions featured during the conference, Business Case, Perfect Pitch, and Marketing Strategy, are great ways to work on your skills while collaborating with other passionate students for a chance to win prize money! These competitions are not only excellent resumé boosters, but really capture the connected and diverse nature of today’s world. You’ll have the opportunity to approach situations such as building a marketing strategy from a digital perspective, a more traditional approach, or any other means that you see fit. There is the opportunity to connect your skills with others and really integrate the creative thinking of all parties involved resulting in a harmonious product. 

See You There!

With the opportunity to learn from experienced and diverse speakers, participate in competitions, win prizes, and network with companies during an exclusive career fair, the Regional Conference is the perfect place for students to put themselves out there in the professional world. Join us on February 24th to explore the connected nature of business and technology, and make meaningful connections with others. 


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