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Branding like a Dating Profile

The digital age has allowed for brands to enter into every social media platform and interact with potential customers. Social media has often been the first touchpoint brands have with their buyers and it is crucial that brands’ online accounts are recognizable and interactive.

What if we were to create social media accounts for brands that mimicked the set up of dating profiles? Marketing the brand as you market yourself on a dating profile would allow brands to showcase their personalities, values, and appeals. Brands want consumers to “swipe right” on their profiles, but how is that achieved?

Clarity Online

Oftentimes, brands fail on social media because they run too many accounts. This can often lead to consumers feeling overwhelmed with repetitive posts, or simply uninterested in outdated or abandoned profiles. Brands should incorporate clear customer experiences across all social media platforms, creating features for customers to enjoy. Like a dating app, brands should showcase who they are so people can reach out and connect with them.

Brand Personality

Certain brands are known for their online and social media presence. Wendy’s is popular on Twitter for their comedic posts and interactions with customers. Red Bull is known for driving their personality in ads, oftentimes without featuring their products. When creating a brand profile, marketers must consider the nature of the company. Social media is the first point of interaction with customers through a human approach, not just showing off products.

NC State’s AMA had the opportunity to hear from Lauren Beane who works for Cisco’s digital marketing team. She shared Cisco’s approach in branding themselves as they created a mock dating profile for their brand. This allowed the company to showcase their personality and build a strong social media presence that attracts customers.

It is vital for brands to communicate like people across online platforms. Rather than pushing products, brands should emphasize their personality and customer interactions. This makes it easier for consumers to enjoy their social accounts. This has shown to be true this year as the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed brands to find themselves and communicate with customers primarily through the Internet and online sales. If more brands pushed the idea of marketing themselves as they would on dating sites, we may see more success in consumer interactions and purchases.


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