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Building Accountability and Community with AMA GOALS

Finding community in the midst of a pandemic is no simple task. With socialization barriers, cancelled events, and working and learning remotely, it can be difficult to connect with others. Kallie Stevens, Vice President of Creative Content for NC State AMA, wanted to provide a way for AMA members to connect with each other and discuss short and long-term goals as a means of encouragement during these uncertain times. In doing so, she organized the GOALS program.

GOALS, Group Opportunities to Achieve, Learn, and Succeed, meets the second Monday of each month. New this year, the program began for students to discuss personal goals with like-minded and ambitious peers.

“The purpose of this program is to create a community within AMA where ambitious students can connect and network. As well, the program will offer tools to help you set and achieve your individual goals,” explained Stevens.

This month, I was able to attend a GOALS meeting and was blown away by how encouraged I felt after sharing my ambitions and listening to what my peers had to share. Questions such as “When did you recently feel the greatest sense of accomplishment?” and “What is something you can focus on for hours at a time because you love it?” provided me with the opportunity to dig deeper and reflect on things in my life that align with some of my bigger goals. Additionally, the opportunity to tune in to others’ goals made me feel a part of something bigger.

During the meeting, we were encouraged to brainstorm five short-term and two long-term goals to share with the group. The activity paved the way for encouraging conversations with one another and the opportunity to build accountability for our goals and hopeful achievements. Stevens also pointed out ways in which we can acknowledge patterns in our short and long-term goals.

“Patterns help to show what truly are your passions,” said Stevens. “These should be integrated into your goals.”

Setting time aside to explore goals and ambitions is valuable. GOALS is a great way to do so alongside a supportive community. The group will continue to meet the second Monday of each month. If interested, fill out this Google Form to get involved. We look forward to seeing AMA members drive their goals to success!


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