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From State Fair to Career Fair

Autumn has arrived – the weather is getting colder, leaves are changing to warmer colors, falling as the wind blows, creating a new path for us to follow. October is, by far, the moodiest month of them all.

Just a few weeks ago, our long-awaited State Fair came and went leaving us with feelings of nostalgia as we wait expectantly for next year’s festivities. Groceries are stocked with pumpkins for Halloween decorations and spices for holiday baking. I admit, that I am still experiencing that State Fair “high,” from the chaos of the fair itself to the mountain of food I ate. Let me clarify this: it is more like what I ate to keep me alive through it all. But really, who doesn’t eat themselves into a food coma at the State Fair? There are so many things packed into our schedule for October! Thus, I would like to address one very important thing - the most anticipated event of the fall: the American Marketing Association’s Meet the Pros!

Are you looking for an internship opportunity for this upcoming summer? The American Marketing Association hosted Meet the Pros on October 17, 2017 where more than ten premier companies gathered in the Talley Coastal Ballroom to network with candidates who answered ‘Yes’ to this question. We are proud to announce that we had so many wonderful companies visit our campus that night, including IBM, SAS, ROI Revolution, First Citizens Bank, Gartner, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Reunion Marketing, MHC, Northwestern Mutual, State Farm, Republic Wireless, and Lens Career Consulting, just to name a few. For those of you that were not able to participate, don’t lose hope; Meet the Pros comes back every fall! At the event, you will learn more about the companies that you are interested in and have the opportunity to personally get to know the employers. It is your chance to shine and show who you really are! They are dedicated to learning more about you and your skills.

To prepare for the future Meet the Pros, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Make sure you dress business professional – imagine yourself working for that company.

2. Have your resume reviewed by your Career Center counselor or anyone that could give you advice for further correction.

3. Prepare to have five or more copies of your resume ready and in your hands to be given out when the recruiters ask for it. Who knows? They might be drawn in by your awesomeness!

4. Be confident and SMILE throughout the event! No one is going to say any negative comments about you being positive-minded.

5. Lastly, be yourself! I can’t stress this enough, because being honest about yourself is one thing the recruiters are most looking forward to.

Hopefully you can make it to the next Meet the Pros! In the meantime, check back for the other great networking event AMA hosts throughout the year!

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