Check below for our currently available positions you can apply for!

Director of Content Creation


  • Regularly attend AMA member meetings and featured events to capture content and record meetings

  • Report content and plans to VP of Advertising and Promotions at least every two weeks


Required Skill Set:

  • Knowledge/experience with video editing software (Adobe, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.)

  • Passionate about photography

  • Dependable and punctual

  • Strong time-management skills

  • Strong attention to detail

Director of Community Relations 


  • Work alongside the VP of Community Relations to brainstorm ideas and plan initiatives

  • Execute several community service events and programs (e.g. feed the pack, Service Raleigh, Krispy Kreme, ...)

  • Develop strategic partnerships with clubs and student organizations across campus

  • Assist with other tasks (e.g. mentorship program) as needed and desired

Desired Skill Set:

  • Possess a creative mindset

  • Effective at professional communication with a diverse audience

  • Motivated to take initiative in solving problems

  • Proficient computer skills (Google and Microsoft Suite)

  • Competent in planning and executing events

  • Knowledgeable of other campus organizations

Director of Membership


  • Create 1 Member Satisfaction Survey per semester to assess NC State AMA’s areas of value as well as areas for improvement

  • Assist VP of Membership at the check-in table with attendance before meetings

    • Bring your laptop to every member meeting

    • Have a welcoming persona, you will be one of the first faces members see upon coming to meetings!

  • Proactively reach out to members who have not activated their national membership, and those who have reached their limit of two free meetings

  • Assist VP of Membership with answering common membership questions, attending recruitment events, and promptly resolving any membership issues with high levels of professionalism and customer service

    • ​Both in-person at meetings and via email


Required Skill Set:

  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to energetically greet/welcome members at AMA events

  • Strong organizational and date keeping skills

  • Google drive familiarity, especially google sheets

  • Proactive and self-motivated in reaching out to members

Director of Professional Development


  • Work under and regularly communicate with the VP of Professional Development to assist with event planning and scheduling

  • Ensure AMA stays under the approved budget

  • Create a personal promotional plan to increase awareness for events and employ marketing methods on a weekly basis to maximize member engagement

  • Update the VP of Professional Development on your progress every week

  • Attend all events and help with same-day logistics 

  • Conduct a situation analysis after every event to identify ways for future improvement


Required Skill Set:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong time-management and decision-making skills

  • Passionate about marketing and event planning 

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Interested in self-growth and learning 

  • Enjoy having fun!

Director of Promotions


  • Help create, review, and edit promotional materials for social media

  • Engage with AMA members across social media accounts

  • Post flyers, billboards, etc. for events across campus

  • Collaborate with Amanda in creating a brand image from AMA

  • Provide insight and opinions on brand image and design

  • Assist in managing the chapter’s email (adding members, sending out emails)

  • Attend biweekly member meetings


Required Skill Set:

  • Must be a member of the AMA chapter

  • Ability to maintain organization and time management

  • Familiar with Canva

  • Eye for design

  • Passionate about marketing, advertising, and promotion

  • Must submit a portfolio of previous graphic content (school, work, personal creatives, etc.)

Director of Mentoring Program


  • Assist in developing and growing AMA’s mentorship program

  • Work alongside the VP of Community Relations to brainstorm ideas and plan topics

  • Promote the program at AMA meetings

  • Analyze mentee applications to best pair them with mentors

  • Brainstorm potential events for the mentorship group as a whole


Required Skill Set:

  • Possess creative mindset

  • Experience in using software to send mass customized emails (strong plus, please highlight in the application if applicable)

  • Effective at professional communication with a diverse audience

  • Motivated to take initiative in solving problems

  • Proficient computer skills (Google and Microsoft Suite)

  • Knowledgeable in current business topics and areas of personal development

Director of Fundraising 


  • Work under the VP of Fundraising to grow and improve AMA’s sponsor network

  • Assist with brainstorming ideas and planning annual fundraising events

  • Ensure that sponsors have received all benefits promised to them in their sponsorship package before the year ends

  • Report any problems or potential conflicts to VP of Fundraising


Required Skill Set:

  • Effective communicator

  • Ability to write professional emails

  • Adaptable, problem solver

  • Dependable and punctual

  • Resourceful

  • Open to self-growth

Director of Copywriting


  • Stay up to date with current trends in marketing and business

  • Work with the President (Jessica) to brainstorm ideas and topics

  • Publish a minimum of one professional blog every month

  • Inform and send the President each blog when it is finished 

  • Chronicle exciting events happening with AMA


Required Skill Set:

  • Self-Paced

  • Effective time-management 

  • Strong writing skills 

  • Proficient with blogging 

  • Passionate about marketing 

  • Commitment to self-growth